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Here are what some of my clients have to say about my Personal Training and their results!

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"I don't really like working out.

In fact, in the beginning when I was barely able to eke out a half dozen push-ups, I hated it. A one minute plank felt like torture. I remember feeling almost exactly as I had in grade eight when I couldn't do the flexed arm hang like everyone else. But now I was 55, in the throes of menopause, with a family history of osteoporosis. It was time for action. I went to Viviane Lopes with three goals:

1. To sleep. (I had done this quite successfully for 54 years, but it was suddenly eluding me)

2. To have better posture. (Years of desk work had given me very rounded shoulders and a forward leaning head)

3. To get stronger in order to preserve bone density. (I had been a cyclist, runner and soccer player, so while I had power in my legs, my upper body strength was almost nil)

Viviane was encouraging but relentless. She always arrived with a plan, and she never let me off the hook. As I gained strength, she'd increase the reps or weight, or do something else to make sure I remained challenged. True, she'd occasionally cackle with delight at my suffering, but she was careful to ensure that I did not sustain any injuries under her watch. 

When I hit plateaus and felt somewhat discouraged, her quiet confidence in the process - her passion for what she does - kept me engaged and persevering.

Now, at 57, I don't need to ask for help opening jars. I can run farther and faster than before. I can carry my hefty young grandkids around. I have triceps and biceps and rhomboids and glutes! My friends have noticed the muscles in my body. I've had strangers in the gym commend me on my progress.

I still don't really like working out.

But I love the way it makes me feel. "

Kathryn G.

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"Before Viv became my trainer 10 years ago, I used to go to the gym and injure myself by doing activities that were not appropriate for me due to an arthritic condition. I was also unmotivated to work out regularly because I found it boring and repetitive, and didn't get the results I was hoping for. Since I started training with Viv, I have not experienced workout-related injuries and have gained significant core strength, which is the key to having good balance and preventing falls. My bone density has increased due to the resistance training and weight-bearing exercises she guides me through. Viv customized a fitness plan for me, taking my special needs into account, and has kept me on track and motivated with her enthusiasm, cheerful manner and professionalism. I look forward to my twice-weekly sessions with her."

Marita M.

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I've been working with Viviane for the last few months to increase my upper body strength and improve my balance. She is cheerful, informative and knowledgeable about my conditions. I have improved under her guidance. I was initially unsure about the virtual exercise sessions. After several of the virtual classes with Viviane I found them to be positive, well organized and motivating. I would not hesitate to recommend Viv to an aging woman with similar conditions.


Annette A

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"Thankfully, I started training with Viviane at a point when I was struggling with recovery from a series of different injuries. Having miraculously fended off the portal into menopause, life dished out a triad of injuries which had left me extremely cautious and a wee bit anxious starting with a personal trainer. Viviane has been a godsend. She was skillful, inquisitive and helpful with the first few sessions to ensure I wasn’t scared away as I was a ‘tough sell’ after having a previous unsavory experience with a trainer. Six months in I have found Viviane to be the perfect balance of kick-butt, encouraging, fun and uber helpful during our sessions. My recovery has accelerated significantly since working with Viviane. She is a gem"

Lesley D

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"I have been training with Viv for almost 10 years now. She is knowledgeable, motivating and fun, but will also challenge you! I have seen great results while training with her and feel stronger both mentally and physically. Viv is truly the best trainer in the city!"

Anamaria Q.

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"I have been with Viviane for the last year and in that time I have noticed my energy level and strength has improved. I am more aware of exercises that work the different parts of my body. Viviane is an excellent trainer who listens to your concerns, creates a program that is specifically targeted to your needs all the while challenging you to reach your goals."

Sonya G.

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"I started to train with Viviane because my fitness level was dismal. The arthritis in my left leg had started to give me mobility issues and I had little upper body strength. Soon after I started my grandson was born and I really became motivated to get into granny training! Now, with the increased strength in my legs, arthritis has become an inconvenience not a problem. I babysit my two-year-old grandson every Monday and I can keep up with him as he darts from the sea otters to the sea lions at the aquarium. I have no problem getting his stroller on and off buses. Now Viviane is working on my balance so I can start skating again next winter with my grandson. Training with Viviane has made an amazing difference in how I can interact with my grandson."

Mary G.

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"Viviane is a top notch trainer. She is very experienced and always plans routines with our capabilities in mind. She asks a lot but never more than we can handle.

Sometimes we are very reluctant to exercise but an hour with Viviane is all we need to set us up for the day ahead.

We highly recommend Viviane"

Michael and Micheline M.