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Outdoor Prenatal Conditioning & Yoga

This class is a full body workout for all trimesters and conditions. This is a gentle fitness class that concentrates on improving your posture, strengthening weaker muscles, lengthening tight muscles and ending the class with some nice relaxation. Bring a friend, meet new people and stay apart! This class is a great way to get in shape while getting some fresh air and keeping physical distancing. Participants are encouraged to bring their own resistance bands and mats. Max 10 participants. 


Outdoor Bootcamp

This fitness class focuses on proper techniques using your body weight and/or very minimal fitness equipment, to develop and increase your fitness level. Low impact cardio. Participants are required to bring their own mat and tubing resistance bands. 


Outdoor Baby & Me Fitness

This baby-friendly class offers a full body workout that will help you melt away your baby weight as well as regain your strength, cardio and flexibility with the emphasis on core work and posture. This class is a great way to socialize with other moms and get a well-deserved workout that will tone your body. All fitness levels are welcome and breaks for feedings or soothing are encouraged. Women should be 4+ weeks postpartum (6 weeks for cesareans); consult your care provider before attending. Participants are required to bring their own mat and tubing resistance bands No drop-ins