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Vancouver Personal Training

Why Hire a Personal Trainer?

  • You are not seeing results
  • You don’t know where to start
  • You are experienced but bored with your old workouts
  • You need motivation and staying on track with your meal plans
  • You have a specific health condition, injury, or you are pregnant
  • You are training for a sport or event
  • You want to target specific parts of your body

Personal Training will give you results!

  • Increase your metabolism
  • Lose weight and get toned
  • Stronger core & better balance
  • Get motivated and stay on track
  • Challenge your body by learning new skills
  • Improve your posture and strengthen your muscles

About Me

Hi There! 

My name is Viviane and I am a Personal Trainer with 20 years of experience. I have an extensive background that includes Prenatal & Postnatal fitness, Arthritis & Osteoporosis, Posture Alignment & Exercise Therapy as well as Sports Balance & Strength Specialist. 

I do primarily injury rehabilitation, working on active recovery with those who had a surgery or car accident as well as other health issues such as MS, Parkinson's, Ankylosing Spondylitis and Stroke to name a few. 

Having been diagnosed with an underactive thyroid condition has made me realized how important it is to stay healthy and not just look "skinny". Physical health and mental health are connected and when you don't feel physically healthy, your mental health takes a toll. 

Sometimes people want miraculous results and forget about the health risks; my job is to make sure people get healthy as well as fit.

I am currently working in the downtown Vancouver area with some spots available for online training. I can come to you or you can come to me!

Personal Trainer, Personal Traning

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I provide personal training, online fitness, group fitness classes, boot camp and corporate fitness programs in downtown and other areas in Vancouver, BC. I also provide detailed fitness assessments and customized program design for all levels of fitness.

In order to achieve the results you want, you have to enjoy your fitness program instead of following a "script" for getting fit such as those found in magazines and Youtube. That way, you will avoid barriers such as boredom and lack of commitment. Not everyone is built the same way, so why should we all train the same?

I can help you discover your best fitness strategy while taking in consideration any injuries or concerns you might have.

If knowledge is power, I would like to think that I am empowering every single person I train, so that they can improve their lifestyle.

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I can help you with:

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* Prenatal & Postnatal Exercises (including Yoga, Fitness Classes & Personal Training)

* Women's Health (PCOS, Menopause, Endometriosis, Diastasis Recti)

* Building Stronger Bones & Muscles

* Core Strength & Stability

* Cardiovascular Training

* Teen Fitness

* Sports Specific

* Weight Loss & Maintenance

* Diet & Nutrition

* Neuromuscular Stretching

* Posture Alignment and Balance

* Parkinson's & Exercise

* Exercise Therapy & Rehabilitation

* Exercising After Cancer

* Exercising with Multiple Sclerosis

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And Much Much More!

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending!